Year round Christmas child!

Historically we’ve collected items to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) in October and November. While that has worked we feel there are other times of the year that will be easier for you to naturally collect these items. For instance in August, many parents are purchasing school supplies for their children, this would be a good time to purchase additional supplies to help fill a shoebox. There are other times of the year where you are already purchasing items that would fit nicely into a shoebox, all we’re asking is to buy 2. Additional year-round packing ideas can be found here ( If your not sure about what you can or cannot put in a shoebox just click here (

One Sunday a month we will dedicate to children around the world in need. If you have items or money that you wish to donate for a shoebox all you have to do is drop it off at the church. We’re there every Sunday morning, however if you can’t make it out to the church you can email or call the church at 519-839-4266 to make alternate drop-off arrangements. If you you find yourself in the position to make an online monetary donation just click on the following link

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