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The Best is Yet to Come

THE WEDDING BANQUET There is a wedding going on in the town of Cana in Galilee, near to where Jesus lives with his family at Nazareth. As far as we

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Surrendering to God

RELATIONSHIPS All of us have many relationships. There are the relationships that we have with our family, our friends and neighbours. We have relationships with the people we know at

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Who is Jesus? The Ruler

TENSIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST In just ten days of so, tens of thousands of Christians will make the journey to Bethlehem in order that they may be at the

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Who is Jesus? – The Purifier!

GETTING RID OF THE COAL The Old Testament is filled with prophecies of the coming Messiah. During Advent, as we approach Christmas, we tend to pay attention to those prophecies

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Opening Ourselves to God

CHRIST THE KING Today is the last Sunday of the Christian year. Believe it or not, next Sunday is the beginning Advent, when we begin our preparations for Christmas and

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Turning the World on Its Head

STANDING OUTSIDE THE TEMPLE Jesus and his disciples stand outside the Temple which is the most important building in the city of Jerusalem. It is, in fact, the most important

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The Meaning of Sacrifice

Today is Remembrance Sunday. When I was a boy, it was easy to know who we were remembering. It was the Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen who fought for their

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Making Big Decisions

BIG DECISIONS Tonight is Hallowe’en. I happen to like Hallowe’en. I know that some people don’t like it. They think it’s evil, the devil’s birthday or something like that. From

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Prayer Pays Off

RECAP Over the last three weeks, we have been thinking about the very important topic of prayer. This is the fourth and final instalment in that series and, in this

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