Welcome to Cottam United Church!

We encourage everyone to know Christ and to make Him known through faith in God and the bonds of community.

About Us

We seek to know Christ and
make Him known

Cottam United Church had made an intentional commitment to stand on the two pillars of Christian mission: evangelism and social justice. While we make significant contributions to the well being of others, we also seek to engage people for Christ and provide the resources for them to grow in faith. In doing this, we seek to know Christ and make Him known.

Please come and join us for worship. We look forward to seeing you and sharing Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness and salvation both in this life and the next.

About Us

Ministries and Outreach


Through our community outreach we seek to instill a sense of faith and understanding of God’s love.

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Youth Ministries

Our youth ministries focus on age appropriate teachings, peer related activities, and socialization.

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Small Groups

We have a number of small groups that gather to grow their faith through discussions, activities, or by simply engaging in their shared interests.

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We have a number of services available to assist those unable to attend our service in a traditional manner.

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Our service is lively, active, and welcoming. We have lots of singing, music, and fun. We welcome anyone to worship, no matter their faith.

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Sunday School

Our Sunday school activities provide children with an environment that allows them to express themselves and socialize with other children.

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Catch Up On Our Past Sermons

Water From a rock

THE PEOPLE COMPLAIN The Bible is a very big book filled with lots of great stories and teachings. Today, we’re going to read one of my favourite stories that appears

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Going to a New Place

GOD CALLS ABRAM Today, after worship, we are having our Annual Congregational Meeting. As has  been our practice, last week, we went through the goals and objectives for 2023 so

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Having a Reasonable Faith

A REASONABLE PROPOSITION Back in the days when we lived in Espanola and our boys were quite young, I came home from worship one Sunday and was astounded at what

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Salt and Light

SALT & LIGHT Today, I’m going to share with you a message on financial giving. We don’t often do that but every now and then it’s a good idea. The

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