Turkey Dinner Tickets on sale now!

Our 74th annual Turkey dinner is a go for Thursday November 26th, 2020 and we need you to do something a little different this year. As you are aware 2020 has it challenges and it affects us all, however at Cottam United Church we are rising up to the challenge. This year we can only offer takeout meals from 2:30 until 7:00. We are also attempting to limit the number of people entering the church, therefore we are strongly encouraging people to go online and pre-pay for the meals. This process will help everyone stay much safer and will likely be overall faster and smother experience. We do have some general rules we would like everyone to observe.

First, as stated we are strongly encouraging everyone to purchase their takeout meals online prior to November 26th. You can use the following link https://cottamunitedchurch.ca/product/turkey-dinner/

Next we ask that you follow the directions from the people who will greet you upon your arrival they will guide you on how to pickup your meal(s) in the most efficient manner. Please remain in your vehicle.

Please understand that coming too early doesn’t mean you will get your meal(s) early. It will likely cause delays for others as you will have to park your vehicle and wait for the time you chose on your order. Coming much later than your preselected time will only mean your meal(s) may not be as hot as you would like.

If by chance you absolutely cannot purchase the tickets online please call the church office at 519-839-4266 for alternative methods of pre-ordering.

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Dinner Tickets on sale now!”

    1. No you do not. Just create your order one (1) dinner at a time making sure you select the same pickup time for each dinner, however you can choose a different pie for each dinner. Just “add to cart” each dinner separately.

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